During your child’s academic journey through the school they will experience a variety of different trips.  These build upon topics learnt in the classroom and are selected carefully so that they are educational, fun and ‘hands on’.

During the last academic year Early Years have made big ears to go on a listening walk around the local area to identify the different sounds you can hear in the environment. They searched for dragons at Windsor Castle to extend their learning about Fairy Tales and the Queen was there!

Key Stage One went on a mathematical adventure to Kew Gardens to find numbers and patterns in nature. It was a fabulous day! They have visited the Natural History Museum, identified dinosaurs and finding famous fossils.

Year Three have visited The Science Museum to find out about digestion, partaking in a workshop and exploring ‘Launch Pad’.  The children have been to The British Museum to find out more about an archaeologists job, handling and sorting artefacts.