At Peregrines Pre-Preparatory each pupil will be grouped into a House.  The Children will know their House before they start school and any new pupils that arrive during the academic year will be allocated to a House. Through our House system, pupils are rewarded across many aspects of daily school life.

The school is divided into four houses: Austen; Curie; Nightingale; and Seacole, providing an opportunity for the pupils to compete and perform, culminating in them coming together at the end of every week in assembly to celebrate each House’s achievements.

House Points

House points can be given to individual pupils for: academic achievement and effort in learning; service to the School and others; good manners and behaviour.

Collective House Rewards

At the end of the term one House will be awarded the House cup.  This is for the House who has received the most House points over the term.  This will be presented in the final whole school assembly at the end of the autumn, spring and leavers assembly in the Summer term. House winners will be given a mufti day in the next term to come in to school in ‘home clothes’.