At Peregrines, every pupil is taught French because we believe that it gives our pupils a good opportunity to acquire language learning skills from the earliest schooling age. By the time they leave Peregrines, they have a solid linguistic structure upon which they can build.

From the moment pupils join Peregrines they learn French through simple topics such as numbers, colours, greetings, animals and food and drinks; the language is taught orally through songs and games, with the emphasis being very much on fun-based activities.

In Years 1 and 2, we introduce some simple phrases and easy grammatical concepts like action verbs and negatives, for example. French lessons occur once a week, during which the pupils have the opportunity to acquire a knowledge base in the language and a growing familiarity with French culture.

By the time pupils reach Years 3, the pupils are able to understand and respond to simple questions about the weather, food and drinks, sports, clothes, classroom equipment as well as being able to give their opinions about their likes and dislikes.

Pupils are encouraged to communicate in French during the lessons and the assessment of their oral and written performances is on-going.