Through art and design, pupils at Peregrines are given the freedom and confidence to express themselves through various art forms and creative processes. We aim to challenge and broaden pupils’ perception of art by opening up their minds to new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. We highly encourage creative thinking and enable our pupils to delve into the never ending, wonderful possibilities that the imagination has to offer.

At Peregrines we strive to deliver our curriculum in a way which is meaningful to the pupils, to ensure that the learning is memorable and inspiring. Our vision is to allow our pupils to work with freedom and expression on their way to academic success. To be creative hinges on knowledge, confidence and mastery of a topic, to work with free creativity you must first work hard to know your subject.

Our view of creativity is tied to the idea of a collective approach to learning, beginning with the teachers providing the content, and ending with the students exploring it.  A creative teacher knows their subject and makes use of new and inspiring resources, open and engaging activities as well as tailor made approaches to fit the preferences of the cohort. A creative pupil is one who sees resources as a tool, not a toy; one who feels prepared and independent in the classroom; and one who’s learning does not stop when the lesson ends. And here lies the crux of our take on creativity: a creative pupil is a thinker, a maker and a talker.

Each lesson should inspire our pupils to keep thinking, to revisit a concept and to be confident enough to draw on their learning as a means of expression.

We encourage our pupils to be knowledgeable, to question and debate as a way of investigation and to be proud and expressive when publishing their work. Creativity is not about the tools, it is about the outlook. It is not a separate entity to ‘tried and tested’ teaching methods, for it can be placed at the heart of these methods to excite, inspire and engage the pupils.