At Peregrines Pre-Prep we value ICT skills highly, and our pupils begin using common technology, such as laptops and tablets, from a young age.  With formal ICT lessons beginning in Year 1, the pupils follow a full and involved programme up to Year 3, where they are able to implement their skills in longer, project-based tasks if joining us at Falcons School for Girls.

The common areas which the pupils study throughout each academic year are operational skills, digital media, and creative coding skills. Operational skills, ensure that the pupils can operate the technology independently and access common programs for word processing, displaying data and publishing documents. Digital Media topics focus on how technology can be used as a way to present information through audio, video and graphic design; this learning is project based and allows for cross curricular learning opportunities. Creative Coding sessions also begin in Year 1 and the concept of control, digital design and the use of algorithms are introduced at this early stage to help make the language of computing something that the pupils come to understand with ease.


The school uses a learning platform, FROG, as a way of communicating, sharing and providing content for both students and parents. The platform can be accessed from home and allows information, events, photographs and videos to be accessed and shared easily; a window in to the school day and a way to share and preserve key learning experiences throughout the academic year.

We present technology as a tool, not a toy, and allow the pupils to extend, express and illuminate their learning in new and interesting ways.