Welcome to Peregrines Pre-Prep

A warm welcome to Peregrines Pre-Prep at the Falcons School for Girls

At our small, family school we believe passionately in the close links between academic achievement and emotional wellbeing. We believe the school has an essential role in preparing your child for all aspects of life in our fast-changing world. Children need to feel emotionally secure in order to take risks, to challenge themselves and to make progress. At Peregrines Pre-Prep we encourage pupils to be academically ambitious and take responsibility for their behaviour and their learning from the moment they join us. We build on our pupils’ natural curiosity and help them to be positive and resilient, qualities that will accompany them through life if they are embedded at a young age.

Our children are confident, cheerful and motivated, the staff knowledgeable, kind and creative, with high expectations.

We will prepare your child to be happy and successful in the future but don’t just take our word for it, come to visit us!

Sara Williams-Ryan, Headmistress